Tuition and Fees

God's Kids Preschool promise

At God's Kids, we believe that every child should have access to a quality preschool.  We strive to provide the best preschool experience for your child at affordable prices. We promise to keep our rates as low as possible while maintaining excellence in our facilities, teaching staff, and curriculum. We know that children who receive two years of quality preschool enter kindergarten prepared to learn and are more likely to read on grade level in the third grade.  God's Kids Preschool pledges to be that school because every child deserves a fair start.

Registration Fee

 A $120 registration fee is due at the time of enrollment.  There is only one registration fee due per school year per child.

Supply Fee

We provide all the craft and school supplies for your child, as well as a snack each day.  The supply fee goes toward covering the cost of those materials and is due twice a year, once in September and again in January.

     2 Day Students:   $85.00 twice a year
      3 Day Students:   $105.00 twice a year
      4 Day Students:   $125.00 twice a year


    Our tuition is a yearly fee, broken up into 9 monthly payments. Tuition payment is due by the 10th of every month.

*There is a 15% discount for paying the whole year in full, and a 10% discount for paying each semester in full.

*There is a 15% discount on monthly tuition for the sibling of an enrolled student.

*Only one discount above can be used

      Program                                                                                            Days                             Tuition
      Drop In Fee (must be enrolled in program)                    F                                  $40 per week
      2 Day Toddlers (18 months by Sep 1st)                                   T/Th                           $370 per month
      3 Day Toddlers                                                                                T, W, Th                     $460 per month
      3 Day Two’s                                                                                        T, W, Th                     $460 per month
      4 Day Two’s                                                                                        T-F                              $515 per month
      3 Day Three’s                                                                                     T, W, Th                     $455 per month
      4 Day Three’s                                                                                     T-F                              $510 per month
      Pre-K                                                                                                    T-F                               $510 per month