Our Programs


Each of our classes are tailored to engage the children in a variety of learning experiences that are age-appropriate.  We use the Carpenter's Kids Curriculum, which lays a solid foundation for future learning through social, language, fine motor, gross motor, science, health, mathematics, creative arts and spiritual development.


 Class schedules are set to balance active and quiet times.  We are a hands-on program that helps children explore God's world through age-appropriate activities.  Although each class's schedule and framework will vary, you can expect your child to experience the following during a day at God's Kids:
  • Circle Time
  • Story Time
  • Seatwork/Arts and Crafts
  • Creative Learning Centers
  • Snack
  • Outside Play
  • Rest Time
  • Songs and Educational Games
  • Lunch
  • Free Play


Chapel is taught every Tuesday morning.  Chapel aids in spiritual development and allows children to learn about God's love.  Monthly scripture memorization, Biblical virtues, scripture songs and Bible stories are all taught during this time.
Music is taught on Thursday morning.  Music allows children to explore sound and rhythm, giving them a basic music theory foundation.  They will be introduced to musical terms, instruments, and genres, all through fun songs and games
Spanish is taught on Friday mornings to the Three and Four year old classes.  This class introduces the Spanish language to the children, focusing on colors, counting, and other simple vocabulary.  Through fun songs and stories, a foundation will be laid for future Spanish instruction.