Meet Our Teachers

Maryann Hampton - Program Director

Maryann is the Director at God's Kids, where she also teaches Chapel and Music. Mary Ann has worked in the Early Childhood Development field for over 10 years in the state of California before moving to the Houston area in October 2014. She has served on Mission trips overseas and loves to share the love of God with others. Mary Ann and her husband James have a baby boy Josiah, she loves to cook, read, and spend time with her family.

Rebekah Chapman - Lead Teacher - Toddlers

Rebekah joined God's Kids in 2013 and has been an assistant and a lead teacher.  She previously worked as an administrative assistant for over 10 years but has always been involved in teaching children through her involvement in her church. Rebekah and her husband Brent have two children, Annah and Nolan.  She enjoys traveling and spending time with her family.

Jodi Boland - Lead Teacher - Pre-K

Jodi Boland has been teaching for 5 years in Texas Preschools. She is originally  Grand Forks, North Dakota but has moved a lot for her husbands career. Jodi has a degree in Elementary Education PreK-6th grade from the University of Nebraska Lincoln. She is married for 27 years and has 3 boys who are 25, 23 and her youngest is 20 who currently attends Texas A&M. Jodi loves animals, photography and the outdoors.

Brandie King -  Lead Teacher - Three's

Brandie is looking forward to starting her first year at God’s Kids Preschool as the lead three year old teacher. She has a degree in Sociology, and has worked with children of all ages in various settings for several years. Brandie is originally from Georgia, but has lived in both Florida and Connecticut due to her husband’s career in the Navy. She and her husband have a 4 year old daughter, Raleigh. Brandie loves camping, going to the beach, hiking, and spending time with her family (including their two dogs).

Cynthia Jackson - Lead Teacher - Pre-K

Cynthia has been working with children for over 10 years and has taught at God's Kids since 2010.  She and her husband Jared have one daughter, Kyndell.  She enjoys pilates, yoga and experiencing new foods.  Cynthia loves the staff and the children at God's Kids and enjoys using her creativity to teach her students in fun ways.  Cynthia also teaches our Spanish class on Fridays.

Priya Ramanujam  - Lead Teacher - Three's

Priya joined god’s kids in 2017. She was a substitute at the time of joining and then went on to become an assistant teacher. She has a Post graduate degree in Business (travel and tourism) from Auckland University of Technology, New Zealand.  She and her husband Yogesh have a 5 year old daughter, Siyonaa (former God’s Kids student). She believes in instilling the passion for learning in young minds. She loves crafting, reading, painting and spending time with family.

Yvette Villarreal - Assistant Teacher

Yvette has been working in childcare for over 15 years and has been at God's Kids since 2007.  She has been married to her husband Richard for 19 years and has two children.  Yvette loves being around the children and the staff at God's Kids.  She enjoys walking the trails near her home.  Yvette is the assistant teacher in the 4 year old classes.

Cindy Moffat - Assistant Teacher

Cindy has worked as an assistant teacher at God's Kids since 2011, but has been working in childcare for nearly 20 years. She has been married for 34 years and has two grown children. Cindy loves being a part of the teaching staff at God's Kids and watching the children grow and learn.  Cindy is an assistant teacher in the Three's classes.

Heather Allen - Lead Teacher - Two's

Heather has been working at God's Kids since October 2016.  Her first job was as an assistant teacher in a two year old classroom when she was 18 years old, since then she has cared for and taught children from ages 6 weeks through 4 years old. She has been in the education field for 24 years. Heather has had the opportunity to care for children in private Christian preschools, public school pre-k and the teen parenting program at Westfield High School. She is happily married to her best friend Kyle and they have four                                                   children, Olivia, Madi, Caleb & Carter. She feels blessed that God has called and trusted her with His children.


Rebecca Garcia - Assistant Teacher

Becky is excited to start her first year at God’s Kids Preschool assisting ms. Heather and ms. Rebekah. She has a 5 year old daughter that is a former student and is happy to be a part of the staff that helped them feel so welcomed since the first day. She loves crafting with her daughter and spending time around family and friends.